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What’s all the clucking about?


Established in 1984 as Chicago’s favorite chicken-centric destination, Clucker’s has returned to rule the roost. Dine in, take it out, let us fly your clucker’s to your door.

Rooted in pure poultry passion and taste variety, Clucker’s is setting the coop on fire – charcoal fire, that is. Clucker’s chickens are marinated in a natural blend of fruit juices and fresh herbs then roasted to crispy golden-brown perfection in a charcoal-fired rotisserie. As each bird is carefully roasted, the irresistible aromas of open air charcoal are infused into the chickens giving them a rich, earthy flavor that’s sure to ignite every appetite.

In a market where convenience is the standard, and “fast” doesn’t always mean fresh and flavorful, Clucker’s is well seasoned in providing deliciously diverse flavor profiles and high-quality birds… on the fly. Guests flock to Clucker’s, where they are able to choose from a variety of delectable chicken favorites – from sandwiches and salads to whole birds and family feasts. To top it off, Clucker’s homemade Signature Sauces feature an array of palate pleasers from BBQ to Chutney and everything in between. Whether feeding a few chickens or the whole darn farm – guests go “cluck” wild for Clucker’s!


Clucker’s Delicious DNA



Crispy golden-brown skin and tender meat infused with the rich flavor of open air charcoal fire

Spring Chickens? Yes we are!

We serve only the highest quality natural, hormone-free and antibiotic-free golden plump chickens.

Well-seasoned Chicken

From regional to global – from Cajun to Latin – our chickens cater to a wide range of taste buds

Get Sauced
Not a poultry purist? Bathe your bird in any one of our homemade signature sauces.

No harm, no fowl
Craving a non-chicken dish? We have tasty options – from turkey burgers to our homemade salads

Sweet Finish
You’ll go “cuckoo” for our bread pudding

We care about our customers
Our coop is your coop
Our service is always warm and welcoming

Birds of a Feather we’re not
We all enjoy our chicken differently – so we’ll help you find your favorite flavor profiles and discover new ones.

Our Chickens Fly
Soaring flavor, on-time landings – our goal is prompt service, whether eating in, taking out, or having us deliver

From the Coop to your Plate!

Dine In, Take Out, Delivery

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